Course Details

Course Description

Learn woodworking as a form of expression. Wood can be used to create both practical and artistic projects, from sculpture to furniture to musical instruments. Students will use the IMA woodshop to learn hand tools and machine tools and woodworking techniques. They will learn to safely operate woodshop tools. They will learn about wood: its structure, its properties, its use as a material and as a medium. We will learn about tone woods, sound, and music. Projects will include the design and fabrication of practical and artistic woodworking artifacts, and will include a major project in an area that is selected by the student.

Course Overview and Learning Outcomes

This course will teach students how to safely and effectively use the tools of the woodshop. It will teach students how to think about wood as a material and technology; the fundamentals of milling, shaping, finishing, and joinery; and prototyping and design tools. By the end of the course, students will be able to safely use woodworking tools to build from plans, and to modify and create their own designs.

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Understand wood types, composite woods
  • Understand, and design to account for, wood movement
  • Use several joinery techniques
  • Use prototyping techniques to refine a design
  • Perform layout and measurement. Use marking and measuring tools.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the relationship of wood, sound, and music
  • Create bent-wood structures, using either laminates or steam boxes
  • Understand grain direction.
  • Safely and effectively use a selection of hand tools: bench and block planes, cabinet scrapers, hand saws, chisels
  • Safely and effectively use stationary power tools: the table saw, drill press, belt and spindle sanders, scroll saw
  • Safely and effectively use handheld power tools: the jigsaw, circular saw, power drill and driver, and router
  • Understand the properties and application of finishes